China Good quality Compact Size High Torque L Type Hollow Shaft Brushless DC Gear Motor vacuum pump booster

Product Description

TaiBang Motor Industry Group Co., Ltd.

The main products is induction motor, reversible motor, DC brush gear motor, DC brushless gear motor, CH/CV big gear motors, Planetary gear motor ,Worm gear motor etc, which used widely in various fields of manufacturing pipelining, transportation, food, medicine, printing, fabric, packing, office, apparatus, entertainment etc, and is the preferred and matched product for automatic machine. 

Brushless DC motor is made up of motor and driver,which is a kind of typical product of mechanical and electrical integration.
It is highly regarded by market as its small volume,low noise,high efficiency,wide range of speed control and steady working state with less inaccuracy.The product is widely used in transmission equipment,textile machinery and medical devices,etc.

DC brushless gear motors are designed to be a high torque and free maintenance DC motor solution.

It is DC brushless motor combined with parallel shaft gearbox,hollow shaft flat gearbox,right angle hollow shaft & CHINAMFG shaft gearbox,and worm gearbox.

Flat L type hollow shaft BLDC brushless geared reduction motor 200w (DC24v,36v,48v power supply)
200w brushless DC motor in 90mm frame size,coupled with a flat L type hollow shaft gear reducer,which are commonly used in
automation equippment where are lmited space and high torque output required.

Frame size from 60mm to 104mm.Gear reduction ratio range from 3K to 200K.Rated voltage from 12v to 48v.It is highly regarded
by market as its compact size,low noise,high efficiency,high torque,wide range of speed control and steady working state with less 
inaccuracy.The BLDC gear motor is widely used in transmission equipment,textile machinery and medical devices,etc.

We do also produce DC brushed gear motor.Micro DC brushed geared motor is ideal for low speed applications that requires for high starting torque.
The DC motor and gearbox assembly,will provide greater efficiency in an economical solution.

The brushed motor eansure high efficiency transmission,reliable operation and low cost.
It is widely applied in agricultural machinery,electric doors, etc. 

Also micro AC gear motor,small AC geared motor and roller drum motor are available.

AC micro geared motor can be directly connected to single phase or 3 phase power supply to operate.
There are induction motors,reversible motors,magnetic brake motors,variable speed motors,torque motors,and other specification.
Geared motor can be matched with gearbox and speed regulation controller.

Motor rated power ranges from 4W to 200W.And are available as a round shaft motor only or with a parallel gearhead or right angle gearhead.
The gear motor compact size,low noise,high reliability,long lifespan and easy installation.
It can be used in continuous operation.And it has been widely used in various applications,such as woodworking industry,textile industry,
food industry,packaging industry,and industrial automation machinery,etc.

The drum motor is a totally enclosed electric driven pulley and replaces the traditional external gear-motors and gear speed reducer.

As a self-contained component without protruding parts and with fixed external shafts,drum motors are probably the safest drive unit for material handing equipment,
and much cleaner in food processing as its totally enclosed sealed design.It reduce the risk of food contamination.

In additional,because the motor,planetary gearbox and bearings all are enclosed in the drum shell,the drum motor takes up much less space.

GPG roller drum motors can be found primarily in airport logistics,in the parcel,postal and courier sector,in distribution,in the food industry,and in various other industries.

Both DC brushless drum motor and AC drum motor are available.

The horizontal gear motor is convenient to be fixed on the base of the machines for transmission.
And vertical gear motor can be easy installed to the machines directly through flange.

Our this small(medium)gear motors are low noise,low temperature rise and long lifespan.
All gear boxes are inspected strictly to ensure no oil leakage and reliable operation.


Special oil leak-proof design,and also no need to change grease as hight quality grease used

High precision machined helical gear assure of low noise

Mainly applied in food machines,packaging machines,CNC machines,animal husbandry,conveyor system and other automatic industries.

High precision and low backlash planetary gearheads & gearboxes 

High precision planetary gearheads are designed to meet the requirements of high performance servo system and provide
a combination of high torque and low backlash necessary for high speed positioning

It is suitable for a wide range of servo motors.

GPG planetary gearhead(gearbox) are your ideal choice in robotics,industrial automation,laser cutting,machine tool,and test & measurement machinery,etc.

Motor Model Instruction


G 5 BLD 200 24 GN 18S
Factory Code Frame Size Motor Type Output Power Power Voltage Motor Shaft Type Motor Speed
GPG Motor Mounting Flange:
BLD:Brushless Motor With Square Gearhead

BLDP:Brushless Motor With Planetary Gearhead

GN:General Bevel Gear

GU:Reinforced Bevel Gear

A1:Milling Keyway

A:Flat type


Motor Performance Parameter

Model Voltage Rated Power No-load Parameter Load Parameter Motor Life
Motor Weight(kg)
Rotation Speed Current(A) Rotation Speed Torque(N.m) Current(A)
G5BLD200-24A(GN) 24V 200W 3500RPM Max 0.8 3000RPM 0.64 10.5 >5000 1.6
G5BLD200-36A(GN) 36V 3400RPM Max 0.65 3000RPM 0.64 7.0
G5BLD200-48A(GN) 48V 3300RPM Max 0.45 3000RPM 0.64 5.2
G5BLD120-24A(GN) 24V 120W 2300RPM Max 0.65 1800RPM 0.38 7.1 1.4
G5BLD120-36A(GN) 36V 2200RPM Max 0.45 1800RPM 0.38 5.2
G5BLD120-48A(GN) 48V 2200RPM Max 0.3 1800RPM 0.38 4.1

Gearhead Model Instruction


2 GFS 50 K
Dimension Gear Type Reduction Ratio Bearing type
GN:General Bevel Gear

GU:Reinforced Bevel Gear

GFS:L Type Hollow Shaft Gear

50:1 Ball Bearinig


Should you have any questions,please feel free to contact Ms Susan Liu directly.
Let’s talk in detail.


Q: How about your company?
A:We are gear motor factory located in HangZhou city of China.We start from 1995.We have more than 1200 workers.Main products is AC micro gear motor 6W to 250W, AC small gear motor 100W to 3700W,brush DC motor 10W to 400W,brushless motor 10W to 750W,drum motor 60W to 3700W,planetary gearbox ,worm gearbox etc .
Q: How to choose a suitable motor?
A:If you have gear motor pictures or drawings to show us, or you tell us detailed specs like voltage, speed, torque, motor size, working mode of the motor, needed lifetime and noise level etc.Please do not hesitate to let us know, then we can suggest suitable motor per your request .
Q: Can you make the gear motor with customize specifications ?
Yes, we can customize per your request for the voltage, speed, torque and shaft size and shape. If you need additional wires or cables soldered on the terminal or need to add connectors, or capacitors or EMC we can make it too.
Q: What’s your lead time?
A: Usually our regular standard product will need 10-15days, a bit longer for customized products. But we are very flexible on the lead time, it will depend on the specific orders.
Q: What is your MOQ?
A: If delivery by sea ,the minimum order is 100 pieces, if deliver by express, there is no limit.
Q: Do you have the item in stock?
A: I am sorry we do not have the item in stock, All products are made with orders.
Q: How to contact us ?
A: You can send us enquiry . 


Application: Universal, Industrial
Operating Speed: Adjust Speed
Excitation Mode: Excited
US$ 75/Piece
1 Piece(Min.Order)


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Return&refunds: You can apply for a refund up to 30 days after receipt of the products.

China Good quality Compact Size High Torque L Type Hollow Shaft Brushless DC Gear Motor   vacuum pump booster	China Good quality Compact Size High Torque L Type Hollow Shaft Brushless DC Gear Motor   vacuum pump booster
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